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Add the ability to auto orientate images that need changing from landscape to portrait and vice verca while a slideshow is playing.

My latest camera does not automatically orientate images taken of people, so if I turn my camera on its side to get a portrait image the image will be shown on its side when looking at it via preview or via a slideshow program. it should be possible to orientate them automatically?

Whiterabbit-uk, 30.03.2012, 08:41
Idea status: under consideration


Anix, 30.03.2012, 13:00
The Options window (the View | Options menu) contains the "Auto rotate JPEG images according to EXIF orientation" option. Please try to select it.
Whiterabbit-uk, 31.03.2012, 07:02
The program doesn't auto orientate images that were taken in the portrait orientation as all the images taken with my camera automatically show all images in the landscape orientation. So when I turn my camera on it's side to take a full length shot of say for example my family, when you look at the image through the preview button, they look like they are on theirside. My previous camera would automatically right the imae to make it look correct through the preview window even tohugh it was taken on its side.

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